Uploading new code, and old code still runnin

Strange issue… using a Wemos D1 Mini Pro Clone
I have a sketch running called code1 on web console called code1 on phone app called code1.

Was having connection issues, going offline on average 100 times a day. Wanted to test to see if its a board issue or a code issue.
So made a simple led sketch, called code2.
Uploaded the new code, made a new dashboard called code2, made a new phone app called code2

Code1 is was still running on the chip and shows it as online in the dashboard, code2 is offline.
on the phone app menu it shows code1 as online and code2 offline.
on dashboard same thing, but here is the clicker.After using phone app reconfiguire on code1.
when i go into the phone app code1 the interface that was code1 is gone and the the code2 interface is there and turning the led on as it should.
but the web dashboard for code1 was also changed to the code2 dashboard, but the new dashboard for code1(that never changed) that looks like code2 dashboard I get a message the datastream does not exists.

Billy S.

Your attempt at simplifying your explanation has made it impossible to understand - at least for me.


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made a new sketch, uploaded it, old program was still running on chip, old dashboard and app were working.
The new dashboard and app, showed offline.

Used reconfiqure on old app
New app still was offline, but now old app has the new app dashboard and is online and working
I go to web, new sketch dashboard is offline, old dashboard is online, but with new dashboard , but when I try to turn led on it states data stream does not exist, while does exist in the new template, that its using…

Billy S

Can you provide more information about what you’ve done with Template IDs, Device Names, Auth tokens etc?

Are you using Blynk Edgent?

Did the upload process show that it completed successfully?


Just delete everything. Start from scratch. Do not get too confused.