Uploading blynk addon to Arduino ide

I have tried to upload sparkfun blynk board to the ide. everything BUT “sparkfun blynk board” shows up in the manager,
other sparkfun boards show up , but not the Blynk. any ideas what i am doing wrong?

Add the following text (without the ") to File, Preferences, Additonal Boards:


Then Tools, Board Manager and enter Blynk in the search box. SparkFun ESP8266 Boards should appear for you to select. When you return to Tools the Sparkfun Blynk Board should now be towards the bottom of the list of available boards.

I’ve done this and the Blynk board still does not show up.

Other boards from the same package appear, and Blynk appears on the description, but there’s no Blynk board on the selection screen. The library is 2.1.0. Any other suggestions?