Upgrading Local Blynk Server without loosing User Accounts


I had 3 user accounts created in my local Blynk Server 0.15.2
I just downloaded 0.15.3 and stopped 0.15.2 and executed 0.15.3 and then went into Admin console and found all my accounts gone :frowning2:

Was there a step I needed to do to move my user accounts over ?

(NB. I thought, well I’ll just keep executing 0.15.2 Blynk server and they will be there still - but unfortunately they are gone when I go into the admin - don’t understand what has happened).

any help pls ?

Hello. Please show me how do you run your local server. Do you specify datafolder?


java -jar server -0.15.2.jar -dataFolder /path

@mars and what is path in your case? Does this folder contains some files within it?

in my case the server runs in:

CMD line when I run the server says:
“All server output is stored in folder ‘C:\users\m\Downloads.\logs’ file”

do you use user profiles in “c:\users\m\Downloads”? Is there any chance you cleaned Download folder for some reason?

I should add in c:\users\m\Downloads\logs\users I can see three files xxx@xxx.com.log which are logs of all three users

definitely not. I simply downloaded new server-0.15.3 jar file and ran it.

In that case this folder should contain files “u_EMAIL.user”

in the Downloads folder ?
I can’t find any files with *.user extension

BUT I did a search on y c: drive and I found them in the following directory:


Any reason they would be there ?
Would I need to move them to \Downloads and re-run Blynk server ?

Well, that is possible only in case you run server with dataFolder “c:\home\pi\Blynk”.

Yeap. Please try.

no luck :frowning:
still shows no users.

well I solved it but don’t know why and how this occurred as I have always ran with dataFolder /path.

I changed it and ran server with following command line:

java -jar server-0.15.3.jar -dataFolder c:\home\pi\Blynk

thanks for helping out. I must say the support you provide on this forum is excellent and makes me want to invest more time and effort in the Blynk eco-system for my iOT applications.

NB: is there any documentation that explain the file structure and description of files/directories that the local Blynk server uses ? (apart from basic information that is currently published ?)

@mars thanks! Regarding documentation - it doesn’t exist at the moment :slight_smile:.