Upgrade from 1 to blynk 2

When you create an event, go to the notification tab and you should see a page like this

ok, i create a new event to send a email.
what i have to change in my code?
What is the eventcode

Blynk.logEvent is used for notifications which can be sent over email, delivered as push notifications to user’s smartphone, or sent as an SMS, it depends on your event configuration.

Thank you for the short answers!
Is there an example where I can read all this in one piece.
Code for the sketch, template notification page app etc.
How do I have to change my code posted above.
It seems to me that everything has changed completely.

Do you mean other than my topic that I linked to in post #19 ?


Hi Pete, thanks and sorry for my long line.
So slowly I understand that logEvents is much much better than the old solution

Hello again
Has anything changed at RTC?
in the old app I added the RTC widget, in the new app I can’t find it.

Yes, and if you search the documentation for “RTC” you’ll see what has changed and see some code examples too.


Thank you for the succinct reply.
Honestly, I don’t feel like reading hundreds of posts where something doesn’t work with RTC.
I have no idea if you are paid Pete.
I am a paying customer and I can do without such answers.
I have no desire to discuss this with you now.
I need information that will help me to solve my problem without spending a weekend searching in a forum, I don’t have the time.
If I had wanted that, I would have looked for a free solution. But I like to repeat myself.

I think you misunderstood. The official Blynk documentation is on the Blynk website, not part of this forum, and it doesn’t consist of “posts”. It should be your first place to look for information about the Blynk product,.
Myself and other forum members have linked you to specific parts of that documentation before, but this time I didn’t feel like doing your search for you and handing you the results in a plate. It’s better if you get used to doing that for yourself.

No, I have no connection with Blynk, and I am not paid. I do however receive a free subscription to the Blynk Pro plan, along with other regular contributors to this forum, for the part we play in contributing to and/or moderating the community forum.

You may pay Blynk, but you don’t pay me. I’m more than happy not to engage with you on the community forum any further.

Then don’t search the forum, search the official Blynk documentation as I originally suggested.

You’ve bought a product, but you aren’t prepared to read the manual provided by the manufacturer, then when you go to a forum for users of that product you are upset when people suggest that you should RTFM.
That’s an interesting approach!

Good luck with your Blynk journey.


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Here is the solution for others who have the same problem.
The RTC widget is no longer inserted in the app.

Please correct if this is not correct.

@uwe please edit your post, using the pencil icon at the bottom, and add triple backticks at the beginning and end of your code so that it displays correctly.
Triple backticks look like this:


For anyone else coming to this topic looking for information on how RTC works with Blynk IoT, I would strongly recommend that you ignore the advice from @uwe and instead go to the official Blynk documentation here:
or follow the link at the top of this forum, or from the web console. Type “RTC” in the search box and read the latest documentation on how to use the RTC facility to obtain the current time from the Blynk IoT server.

Once you’ve read that information you’ll see a link to another page which covers how to deal with different timezones, which is useful information to ensure that your device’s time always stays correctly synchronised if your location uses a daylight saving regime.

I’d also recommend that the official Blynk documentation should be the starting point for all of your queries about how Blynk works. It’s a useful and comprehensive resource which is being constantly updated.


Where is the correct place in the code for

Blynk.sendInternal("rtc", "sync");

In the loop I currently have

  if (Blynk.connected()) {
   Blynk.sendInternal("rtc", "sync"); // <-- is it here?
  } else {


Ok i find out,

  // Synchronize time on connection
  Blynk.sendInternal("rtc", "sync");

did i need the rtc.begin?