Updates etc

OK… Blynk app updated… So far it seems the connection and reconnection to my local server is far more solid, virtual pins are not displayed on buttons etc, rgb can now be assigned pins. Great news.

There is also the latest local server to load up, and a new library to try. Also the issue with arduino 1.6 upwards as far as esp is concerned.
I would far rather have some actual reference material to what has actually changed than go blindly into any issues that might arise.
Is there anywhere I can find any reference material?
I have a few projects running for a couple of months, projects on the go, and projects planned, so awareness really is a key element.
Blynk has always been impressive, which I can only thank you guys for and all the work you put in, but this extra touch would really help.

It’s nice to have, but not a necessity now. We just get your feedback, collect issues, and then fix it.

Major updates are usually described in the update description. But we don’t have time to list every single change we made. Sorry.

We will think on how to improve that, but it’s only needed for a small group of blynkers.

Oh well, I tried. Things like knowing when you update the local server to 12.3 , you have to hunt for the latest properties example and use that instead of your existing one, else server won’t work. Little things like that help save frustrations which can steer users away.
At least I can report the UI is working now… Very impressive.
Time to try the new library … Maybe! :smile:

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