Update value [API with Blynk 2.0]

Dear Alegz and John
It worked and I sincerely apologize to you both for my stupidity.
In the ESP8266 program I save the value to EEROM and when the loop is run again it has updated the old value (the loop time is too fast so I don’t notice the change)
( :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:)

So it’s working now, everything is okay ?

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Yes , It working now
Thank you so much …

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If you face any issue, just feel free to ask ?


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Great! Do not forget to change your token which is in public access now :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reminder .

@Alegz A Blynk account, it’s associated templates and devices, only exist on one Blynk cloud server.
Normally, that will be one that’s geographically closest to you when you create the account and that will be the one that is resolved by your DNS server.
However, if you travel abroad and try to access your Blynk console or app then the server that is automatically resolved by the ISP you are using at the time may not be the one that holds your account. Blynk has a clever way to deal with this in the background, but this doesn’t work for API calls.

Previously, with Blynk Legacy, the only solution was to ping the Blynk server from your home PC and use the IP address that was returned - and in the vast majority of cases this would be the IP address of the server that held your account.

Now, Blynk has a better way. Both the app and the web console tell you which server your account is on. This is in the About menu of the app, and the bottom right hand corner of the web page in the console.

Blynk would now prefer us to use the server address with suffix in the API calls, rather than the server IP address. This is explained in the documentation here:

Using this approach future-proofs the API call against any change of IP address that may be necessary in future.



OK, Pete, I’m got it. Thank you for explanation.

I’m glad you make it work. However, I found one more thing - you request the v10 pin, however, in your screenshot of data streams there are no Data Stream with Virtual Pin 10.

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Thank you for your time on my Topic
In the link I sent v1=10
Not v10

Oops, my bad.