Update to 1.8.2 breaks button status

Hi Guys,

I spent yesterday creating a dashboard with buttons set as switches. I’m using node-red plugin. It was fine. If the device was not responding the press of the button changed to the colour but not the text. Only by passing a message back would the OFF turn to ON and ON to OFF. Great a nice visual confirmation that the action had been completed.

This morning and update comes along and now any button changes from OFF to ON or ON to OFF regardless of anything else.

What happened. Can you please fix it so that is works as before.




Thanks for your report, could you add video of what is happening - i’m no sure i’ve understood it from your report.

Also please add your device info.


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Hi There,

Sure I could do that, but can you point me to a link for the version that use to be in the app store so i can do a before and after. But failing that hopefully the description below does help.

Below is a flow from node-red. From left to right you have a blynk-websockets-in-write node linked to a mqtt publish node. The mqtt device receives the message, performs the action and then publishes a status message on a different topic. The next node is a mqtt subscribe and that is linked to a blynk-websockets-out-write.

A button (as switch) on the dashboard (android phone) is connected to a virtual pin. When pressed it sends out “1” the mqqt device sees this, operates a relay and sends “1” out again. This is then passed back to the virtual pin.

On screen this meant that the button would turn green and the word OFF went to ON. If however you break the link from the mqtt node to the blynk-websockets-out-write then the button with still change colour, but the text would stay as OFF.

This was great as you could tell that the action hadn’t completed.

Since the update this has changed and now the button colour and text change as soon as it pressed.

If i can be of further help please let me know.

Versions :-
Node-red 0.13.3
node-red-contrib-blynk-websockets 0.0.2 from https://github.com/tzapu/node-red-contrib-blynk-websockets
Blynk Server 0.13.0
Blynk Android App - version in playstore as of 2nd March 2016