Update online satus manually

Hi there, i doing an application with blynk services using they server to connect my hardware through a sim800 and digital data conection. I can change the status of the variables, and read status of others using https api, but i can’t set online the status of the device, i don’t know how. You can help me?.

Asked and answered quite a few times recently - not currently possible…



thanks pete, and what happen if i desired don’t refresh the online status but work with all rest of the features?. Because to mi project, this issue doesn’t a problem.

I don’t really understand the question. Can you elaborate?


Yes, sorry for mi english. I wanted to say, if i will desire just use the variables of mi template, trhough https rest api, mi decive will apear offline, this aren’t a problem to me, then for blynk, may be represent a problem?.

No, it’s not a problem at all.


Pete…, you are the best!!!