Update BLYNK dashboard when its offline?

Hello friends,
I have several ESP32 devices that publish data on MQTT broker and arent connected to BLYNK. Instead of updating new code on the devices, and in order to test the BLYNK app, I wanted to create a Python script or whatever is possible to receive data with the MQTT subscribe and transfer it to a virtual pin in BLYNK.
The problem is, when there is no device connected to the dashboard it isnt updated. is there a way to use the dashboard when it is offline? Of course I tried to activate an ESP with a dashboard to check if it updates when online and it works, but if I disconnect the ESP the dashboard is offline and cannot be updated.
What would you recommend doing or is there a way to use the dashboard without currently connected devices when its offline?.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve read this several times and still don’t understand it. Can you explain more please?

Have you looked at Node-Red?
My home automation systems are built around devices that run MQTT code, and talk to a Pi4 server running Mosquitto. The same server also runs Node-Red and has the Blynk “plug-in” for Node-Red installed.
This allows a seamless always-on integration with Blynk, and whenever a virtual pin changes state it immediately triggers an action in Node-Red.
In the same way, data coming from devices via MQTT into Node-Red can be pushed to Blynk as required.

More about my setup here…

My home automation projects built with MQTT and Node Red - #12 by PeteKnight


Thanks, im taking a look at Node-Red.

I mean, the issue im experiencing is my dashboard only updates when my ESP device is connected to it and run the dashboard config. When I disconnect the ESP, the dashboard goes offline and doesnt receive updates.
Basically I want to update the dashboard even though its offline.

Once again, I do t understand what you mean by…

It would help if you explained in more detail, rather than using terminology that doesn’t tell is what you’re trying to do.

Let’s start with which dashboard you’re talking about - web or mobile, then maybe some screenshots and a more complete description of what you’re doing, what outcome you would like to see, and what outcome you are actually seeing.

Also, when you say “update” do you mean edit the dashboard layout, or update the values of datastreams?


In datastream settings check invalidate setting. It can partially help with updating the dashboard when device goes offline.

Thank you very much it helped me a lot!!!

Thank you very much friend for the desire to help, i solved it :slight_smile: