Unwanted Push Button behavior in app

I have a few Image Buttons in the app set to push because some actions are critical when being longer active then necessary.
The buttons work ok when hold short and released but sometimes when i hold them longer, like 15 seconds, and release them they stay on/active instead of going to off/inactive.
Needless to say that this is unwanted behavior because it could damage some equipment the way it is now, of course i can build in a safety action and i probably will do so.

The big question is; Is this a feature or a bug (i think it is…)?

Android or iOS?
App version?


Ah sorry, version 1.3.3 (54) on Android 11.

@bazzio could you please post your button settings?

Of course…

Any update on this?

@bazzio yes. the issue is confirmed and fixed. We’ll release a new update this week.

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No issue on Android 10, 30 seconds tested


Great, thanks!

New version installed but sadly still the same behavior with the image button…

When holding my finger straight on the button and i don’t move it but only push, it works ok.
If i swipe (a bit) to the left or the right while pushing the button turns on, if swiping it up and down, it works like it should be.
Holding down the button when it’s on and swiping to left or right doesn’t turn the button back off.

Hope this helps a bit…

It is not a new version , it’s the last dated 19.10.2021
Wait till the end of the week

No, it’s 1.3.5 (56) 28-10-21
Widget moving is fixed :wink:

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I have not yet the new update on Google play in France :roll_eyes:

Had the same with the update before this one, had to wait more than a week (and refreshing) before it showed me the update.

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Just received the update, widget moving works fine !! :tada:

@Dmitriy Is there any update on this?
Or was this problem fixing not in the latest release?

@bazzio what app version do you have?

@Dmitriy 1.3.6 (57)

And you still have the problem described?

Yes still the same…