Unity to Rasberry Pi using Blynk Custom Server

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone tried to connect from Unity to the Blynk Custom Server?
Unity is using C# and it is no problem to get it all done with GET requests, but there is a lot of formatting to be done since it will get the Virtual Ports data as a string…so if anyone has experience how to implement Blynk within Unity, and help would be appreciated!! :slight_smile:

All virtual pin data is in string format, whether with the Blynk library, App or API

I would like to make a Joystick control, so the App sends the values to the custom server and Unity reads those values and controls the position of an object…So with my GET request I am getting all the brackets, it also returns the commas and the numbers can have a range of digits!
My workaround was to range the numbers from 10 to 99 so I know the full length of the string and then split the string to get the values!

When I am sending values out from Unity to my RasPi it is a lot easier, I am having Blynk for Python installed and I am able to just import the parameter as integer value!

So my approach works, but since I am not the very best in coding, my guess was that there might be a better way to do this? :smiley: