Unable to share apps: "Not a valid Blynk QR Code"

I’ve been hanging out for app sharing, but my family cannot get it to work on iOS or android.

From iPhone to iPhone all I get is “this is not a valid Blynk QR code” over and over again.

If I try to scan the code with an android I get “Not a public shared project”.

This happens even with a newly created empty project.

I also get the “not a valid Blynk QR” code scanning a QR generated from an android.

I suspected something wrong with my account, so I tried the other direction, from a freshly created account on a family member’s device, same problem.

Has anyone else seen this? I have searched but not found anyone else reporting this issue.

Same problem here:(
Hope the problem is not one the side of app - appstore takes forever to update an app.

Please read documentation on how sharing works.

Ok, now i get it. Hmmm… I think there will be more people like us two.

@ethelder agree. This is how it was implemented initially and we have no time right now to make it better.