Unable to set the pin value for a timer within device tiles


I’ve been trying to set up a timer within device tiles to push 1 when it’s on and 0 when it’s off but I can’t modify the “high” or “low” values in the iOS app (v 2.20.0). I am able to modify the parameters if I use the android app (v 2.25.5). Please see screenshots below.

I’m using the 0.39.0-java8 local server.

Android (left), iOS (right)

Thanks for the report. We’ll improve Timer on iOS.

Thanks @Eugene!

Is there any chance of being able to select the days of the week in the timer?

No, you can’t select days of the week in the Timer widget.
Please wait for when Eventor Widget is available on iOS. In Eventor you can setup time events (including days of the week selection).

Perfect, thanks @Eugene.