Unable to connect Arduino on my Local Server

My arduino due is connected to my laptop via USB. I have installed local blynk server on my laptop. Server is running fine. I am also able to get auth token from android app by email. The problem is android app is saying my arduino is not online yet. How can i solve this problem.

At cmd, it is showing
Blynk Server 0.29.3 successfully started. All server output is stored in folder ‘C:\BlynkServer.\logs’ file.

what does the due serial debug shows?

any sketch?

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Can’t have both USB link and Serial monitor at same time… at least on Arduino DUE Programming port … but you might be able to use the Native USB port with SerialUSB for Blynk’s USB link?


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Thank you @Gunner and @wanek
The problem is solved by adding my IP address to the blynk-ser file in script folder.
set SERV_ADDR=IP Address
set SERV_PORT=Server Port