Unable to assign location to device as Admin

When a device is already attached to a template and AFTER that you enable location as stated in the documentation (https://docs.blynk.io/en/blynk.console/locations/locations)


you do not get the edit option when you hover over the location metadata of a device.

When you also enable “editable by end users”:

You are able to add a location.

But I guess you should always be able to add a location as Admin?


Navigate to Device - Metadata tab, hover Location card, click Edit button and select the location from the dropdown or Create New Location.

Hi, I do not get the edit option when hovering over location, for that I have to enable “editable by end users” as I tried to explain above.

So I can get it done but it seems to me that as an admin I would not need to have to enable “editable by end users”??

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