Ubuntu 18.04 LTS & Blynk Local Server -- "Can't connect to server. Try later"

I’m not really new to Blynk, and I’ve set up local blynk servers in the past, but I am new to Ubuntu…

I’ve replaced Windows with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on my laptop and I’ve been trying to get a Blynk server up and running to no avail. Server version is 0.41.12 and Blynk version 2.27.12. I am able to start the local server on my laptop and login through the admin page, but only on the laptop. Other devices on the network cannot be used to access the admin page, nor am I able to log into the server with the Blynk App. Anytime I try to login, I get the message “Can’t connect to server. Try later”.

Server setting in the App are set to custom with host IP set and port to 9443. I have a feeling the issue lays within the IP. Apparently Ubuntu uses IP mapping and loopback? Anyway, when I start the server it shows the IP as (what the actual IP is mapped to?). As I mentioned, I can log into the admin page from the host computer, but nothing else recognizes that address. What am I missing??

If it ends up helping anyone, I was able to solve the problem.

Had to use the actual local ip address of the laptop (which was the one running the Blynk server) instead of the mapped address (… And needed to create a new account from what I had used for the local server in the past on the same machine (when using Windows).

Multiple ways to do it, but you can find the local ip address by opening terminal and input the command:

 ip addr show

Or check out