Two ws2812b, two NodeMCU, one dashboard



I currently control one metre of ws2812b with a Nodemcu in a single project with a single dashboard.
Now I want to add another NodeMCU and another ws2812b strip, but I want to use the same dashboard.
I added my new NodeMCU to my project via ‘devices’, gave it it’s own token and then copied the code from my old NodeMCU over to the new one. Lastly, I added a drop-down menu so that I can choose which NodeMCU I want to drive.

But there’s a problem. It doesn’t matter whether I choose the old or the new one, it always drives my old strip.
I don’t use the Blynk Cloud, I have my own private blynk server.
Can someone help me? That really bugs me out.

– Omikron


I control 2 nodes from same dashboard by setting target device for each widget. Did you set your target device properly for each widget?


What do you mean by that? Yes, I’ve changed them in the drop-down menu, but to no avail.

Nevermind, found the option.

Okay, I can now change the colour of both strips seperately. How can I change them for both strips at the same time?


@Omikron You’ve a two options.

  1. look at tags in the devices screen. Link the button to the tag instead of the device. The should have both the devices in its list. I presume you are providing a separate button for this.
  2. Look at the bridge option.


Thanks, the first one really helped me. Thank you very, very much :slight_smile: