Two questions regarding multiple users on the same project

Like the title says, two questions about sharing your project with others. One broad, one specific.

First, the broad one: how many users can be using a single project at once without loading down the system? I have a project in mind that might see as many as 100 people all using the same project. Does the load happen more on the Blynk Cloud, or the board, or both?

The second question is more specific, and involves the GPS Geofencing module. I’m working on a project that I’d like to only work when the user is within the geofence. I’d also like to share this project with others. Will the logic work so that if any of the users are within the fence, the logic is satisfied and the project will work? Or can it be set up where it only checks against the location of the active user and ignores the conditions of the other users?

Thanks in advance!

i cant say about the blynk cloud server but there should not be a load the board. i would recommend using a local sever. raspberry pi is good option for a local server . it can act as a server and board at the same time and even as a server alone

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