Two questions from begginer: 1-Relays 2-Conditional statement

First of all I would like to thank whole BLYNK team for creating this fantastic project. It’s absolutely awsome.

I managed to run my first project on nodeMCU + 2 relays + DHT11 temp reading. It works great. But i noticed strange thing. Every time i power up nodeMCU it turns ON the connected Relays. I set button in BLYNK app correctly: (state HIGH = relay OFF, state LOW = relay ON ) but still relays are kicking-in with power on.
So i came up with idea to hardcode initial state of relays in sketch void setup and it works.

>   digitalWrite (13,HIGH);
>   digitalWrite (5,HIGH);

qestion1: is this the right way to do that?

question2: I would like to do some basic conditional interaction on data from sensor. (If temp < x then relay ON)
Should i use built-in app in eventor or rater code it using sketch ?

Yes, some ESP pins are high on reset and some are low.

Code will give you more flexibility but if you have no coding experience then Eventor is probably the way to go.

Than you 4 quick answer