TWO Hardware Dashboard various

Hi all, I’ve upgraded to Blynk 2.0. I would like to ask the following…
I have two hardware, an ESP8266 wifi and a TTGOsim800l, is the dashboard common on the two cards? Is it possible to have Widgets on one tab that are different from the other tab?
I hope I explained myself…
Otherwise, how can I have different widgets and dashboards on each Hardware?

Grazie Andrea

Ciao a tutti, sono passato a Blynk 2.0. vorrei chiedere la seguente cosa…
Ho due Hardware, Un ESP8266 wifi e un TTGOsim800l, La Dashboard è in comune sulle due schede? è possibile avere su una scheda dei Widget diversi dell’altra scheda?
Spero essermi spiegato…
Altrimenti come posso fare per avere su ogni Hardware widget e una dashboard diversi?

If both devices are based on the same template then they will have the same widget layout, but display only the data from the device that is being viewed.

If you want two different app layouts then you need to create two different templates and have one device attached to each template.


Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I don’t know how to create two layouts

I’d suggest you read through the documentation then start with creating a new template then a device from that template, and a dashboard for that device.


do i need to upgrade to the pro version?

No, even the free version has two devices and 3 templates.