Two ESP8266

Hello Community,
am a beginner and would like to know, I can also bring two or three ESP8266 on a token.
The three ESP8266 are at different orders and are but without switching to a “Blynk Sketch” send their data to be evaluated there.
Could you help me would be very grateful.
Sorry for my bad english, write with translator from google


it is possible to use the same token on multiple devices, but not recommended. can produce unexpected behaviour and all kind of anomalies.

i would recommend to use different tokens on all devices, and add multiple devices to the blynk app. it works better that way.

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Hello Wanek,
Thanks for your quick reply.
Okay that would be fine with me, but unfortunately I do not know how that should be possible. Unfortunately, I have not found a way to it.
Could you give me a hint for the solution?
Thank you

for what, exactely? start here :slight_smile:

Thank you both for the help.
In my first project at Blynk, I have had no possibility of multiple assignments. Also I can not delete this project.
That’s why I did not look into the second project. There it is possible. So I can make 5 x assignments of ESP8266.
Thanks again for the info.
Problem solved !!!