Two dht11 sensors on one Wemos D1 mini

Hi there. Made a sketch to read dht11 and wind speed sensor. Then decided to add another dht11. Wemos crashing instantly after sketch upload. But basically i just cloned void sendSensor with different dht instance. Any ideas, what could be done wrong? Thank you.

Did you try it without Blynk?

Actually no. Will try tomorrow. But it will be a bit shame if it will work without Blynk, as want to log and monitor differences between two places.

Yes, it does work without Blynk.

Not a clue without details…

With the Wemos D1 Mini (OK, any ESP8266 I guess), pin choices matter… show your sketch and tell us which (silkscreened) pins you are connecting to on the board.

Problem solved by updating Arduino IDE. Thank you for your attention.