Two arduinos + two projects + Two Auth Token + Local Server

I tested the local server without issues with my Arduino Nano (with ENC28J60 Shield). Everything was running perfectly and I wanted to add a second Arduino Uno (with Arduino Ethernet Shield W5100). I added a Project with a new Auth Token and the Local Server doesn’t work properly… What do I have to do to run both Boards at the same time as different projects?

Thanks in advance.

You would have to use another device for simultaneous working of two projects. Or maybe add bluestacks on your PC and use blynk on it! Im not sure if that would work properly, but worth trying.

This is not possible at the moment. But in few days we will release update. Please be patient.

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Please ensure that both boards have different MAC addresses… if they are mulfunctioning…

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Thanks for your comments, I have checked it and both boards had same MAC address…After change one of them everything works fine.

Kind regards!