Two 2 esp32 modules and Blynk

Hi all (:

Short description:
2 esp32 modules collecting some data and store it on SD card. The SD card is only on one esp32. I don’t know which one yet.
The collecting data is monitored on a phone with Blynk app - BLE data transfer

Communication the First esp32 with Blynk is fine. it works great without a problem

The question is
How to add the Second esp32 to the project?
I believe it has to be set as client, right?
The Second one right now can see the First one
I have no idea how to send data from the First to the Second esp32
Because of on the First one there is blynk software installed I have no idea how to transfer anything to the Second one
Help please (:
And happy Blynking


If you want to add a second device to your Blynk project then it’s added via the Blynk app and the new device will be allocated its own Auth code. You then use Bridge code within Blynk to communicate between the two devices (via the Blynk server.

However, the big issue is the BLE connection method. I don’t believe that the approach described above can work over BLE.

That means you’d need to use your own device-to-device communication system, and that is something that is t really a Blynk related topic.


It is easy over WiFi. You are right the Bridge doesn’t work with BLE.
BLE communication between 2 esp32 is easy also. There is server/client example in Arduino IDE and tons of tutorials everywhere.
I just don’t know how the First esp32 can send a data can be received by the Second esp32 and the Blynk app

As I said earlier, that’s outside the scope of Blynk. Once you figure out a way to do this, in a way which doesn’t cause the second device to disconnect from Blynk, then dealing with the data is easy.

However, BLE isn’t really the way Blynk was designed to be used and some functionality isn’t available when using BLE.
You really would be better using Wi-Fi if at all possible, as so much more is possible.


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