Tutorial - Setting Up a Local Server with SSL on Raspberry Pi

Hi Everyone!

First time posting. I recently spent several hours figuring out how to run a Blynk local server on a Raspberry Pi Zero W. This setup involved a RPi server behind a router, using a free Dynamic DNS to point to the server. The main issue I wanted to resolve was setting up SSL certificates as I do not have access to a domain name from a registrar. Once I found a work around (that does not require using ports 80 or 443 or any internal server port-forwarding for SSL certificates), I also figured out how to use SSL hardware connections with the certificates generated.

Since I spent a decent amount of time figuring out how to run a functional server and implement SSL, I thought I would document the process to make recreating the process easier. Enjoy!

Blynk Server Setup 0.41.2 w/ SSL

Note: Although the overall procedure resembles the process outlined in the docs, supplementary information and modified commands are present throughout various sections. Additional tips are also present.