Turn Key Solution vs Posted Tutorial on Blynk

I got started at Blynk because I do not know much about Arduino coding. I was hoping it would be a Turnkey solution where I have to cut and past and the code would compile… If it does not compile I would at least know what to do to get started. So I got the Hardware ESP8266 and the Temperature Humidity sensor.

Add the required libraries is where I am stuck https://intercom.help/blynk/getting-started-library-auth-token-code-examples/getting-started and there are so many of them with similar names and the first library has a dependency on 2nd library and 2nd library, in turn, has a dependency on 3rd library and 3rd on 4th… and so on. I am running into problems why not create a github repo with all the order of the file correctly listed.

I am glad you guys are open to Help with my Project, So what do I have to do to help get started
I am at the Now at the error

C:\Users\xxxxx\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Adafruit_DHT/Adafruit_Sensor.h:1:0: error: unterminated #ifndef


I had already added the latest 0.6.1 Blynk library and also install the AdaFruit_Sensor using Manager Library in Arduino 1.8.6 . So I do not understand why I am getting the above error message

It sounds to me like the error messages you are getting are because you didn’t install the Blynk libraries correctly, and your comment above reinforces this.
When you open the library zip file there are two folders, one called libraries and the other called tools.
You simply drag all the sub-folders from the Libraries folder into your Arduino Libraries folder, and all the sub-folders from the Tools folder into your Arduino Tools folder.

As you’ve chosen to use an ESP8266 board you’ll also need to install the ESP8266 Core from here:

(That’s an ESP8266/Arduino thing, not. a Blynk thing, so don’t get angry that it’s not mentioned in the Blynk guidelines :slightly_smiling_face:).

Your original post (before you edited it) included a link to a YouTube video. This wasn’t an official Blynk video, and you seemed upset that a file mentioned in the comments of the video was no longer available.
I guess you’ve realised that 3rd party videos of this type are beyond the control of Blynk, and that’s why you’ve removed that comment.

The Adafruit libraries (totally independent of Blynk of course) can be a bit tricky to get right. You don’t say exactly which libraries you’ve installed, but there is a base ‘helper’ library called the ‘unified sensor library’ that needs to be in place as well as the DHT (if that’s what you’re using) library. It’s all documented on Adafruit’s github page.

We’re happy to help people out on this community forum, but it’s primarily users helping other users, with very little input from Blynk staff themselves (they’re busy doing other stuff that makes money, and we get to use the results of that for free).
Almost all of us started knowing very little, and have taught ourselves as we went along. You’ll also have to do the same, but we’ll try to help you out when you fall down a rabbit hole.

You are using the ‘free’ version of the Blynk system (you make a small contribution towards server costs if you use the Blynk Cloud servers, but it’s totally free if you wnat to set-up your own server). There is also a paid version of Blynk, which will give you a turnkey solution, but I’m almost certain that you’re not looking to pay that sort of money, as these solutions are aimed at business users.


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