TTGO-TCALL.ino Built by Khoi Hoang



If you’re trying to connect via GSM, why are you leaving the GSM credentials blank?
Also, I’d expect the Blynk server to be unless you’re running a local server with a DDNS service.


Hi Pete, you mean GSM token? Or you mean APN user/passw/pin?
When I check operator Tele2APN/:s they inform on their page that it should be no user/passw/pin, am I wrong?
I really appreciate your help!

Whatever credentials are required.


Whatever credentials are required.?
Sorry Pete, I dont understand now!

And also this ESP Wifi connection to get access to the config page seems to be very unstable, I can’t connect at all now!, this TTGO seems not to be a good solution board!

Hi Pete
At last I got the connection work.
I really appreciate your help in this case, very many thanks!
Just one more question, if I wanna add lets say a temp ds18b20 in a ino code, I will use a relay with this Temp. Is there any working code that I can use for TTGO board?

Hi again Pete , I shouldnt say that everything is working.hahaha, I add a button with on and off so I could see blue led lights up when click on blynk button!, unfortunately after that successfull test, I try to add a timer to the blynk project and after that my button dont work at all…I try to reinstall the ino code but same issue!, you can see my pics how its looks in project!, It seems to be okey but when I click button no blue led lights up and the red blinking led goes out and suddenly stop blinking…Now I am on scratch without any idea whats causing this issue!, Help me Pete please…

Why is there 2 devices listed? Do you have more than 1 authentication code?

Yes, the code says both Wifi and GSM.
But to access this config page to change and add auth token is just junk.You cant even get to it!I manage 1 time to get to the config page.
I might have spend more hours to get this TTGO useless board working beside bought a working solution for more money but I save time and ittitaion on junk stuff!
Can someone tell me why its working first time when I put the auth token correct and now I can just watch the led blink and do nothing with the board?

All donations of useless TTGO boards are gratefully accepted :grinning:


I restart everything and now its working again, seems not so stable however!, how can I add a Temp ”ds82b20” to this Khoi ino code with blynk?, appreciate help please!
I have a button for relay now working, need just this temp also, best would be a working 2 Temp sensors, one for indoor and one outdoor!

Hi , anyone that can help regarding adding Temp sensor? Someone please

Hi anyone, can you help me were to add temp ds18b20 to this TTGO ino Khoi code?