TTGO T-Call ESP32 SIM800L cannot be connected with the Blynk cloud

You’re welcome buddy

Dear Blynk Members,

Just to let you know – all in order and working fine every time.

After numerous attempts testing different sim cards from different network providers, I decided to purchase a global sim from “Justworx” with positive results.

My esp now connects every time to the Blynk Cloud without any issues.

Thank you for your input.

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I didn’t connect my TTGO for about a month. Now connection through GSM still works fine, but I can’t connect to through wifi again. Last time it took three days before it connected, without any change to code. Then it connected instantly for a while. Now the same code won’t connect again.

I tried the direct URL, but there I don’t even get a login timeout error.

Does anybody else get this behaviour from TTGO through wifi?