Tryng to control the 8 relay channel

hey, can you provide the finished code to control the 8 relay channel? I’m trying to do just this.

I already have a DHT11 working. I’m trying to get my BME680 to work and replace the DHT, but I can’t seem to get the coding correct.

Please don’t pop into someone else’s topic and ask for code :stuck_out_tongue: We try to help you learn about Blynk here, not be code monkeys or mechanics on demand.

I moved you into your own topic.

Try posting what you have already done and format it properly for forum viewing. Then ask clear questions about what you are having trouble with (Blynk wise)… you can Google for answers to regular code questions of course :wink:

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B/c I was tagged, I’ll add that I am still in the development phase, and I am not intending to use my relays/ESP in a stand alone fashion, so my code (when finished) will reflect that.

To piggyback what Gunner’s saying, it’s best to put your best foot forward when asking people on the web for free help. So if you have a sketch and can thoroughly explain the functionality you seek, perhaps other Blynkers can contribute, or assist as needed and help you get to where you want to go.

Edit - Forgot to mention that I’ve determined that my ESP’s won’t be able to control 8 relays, at least not while maintaining opto-isolation, so I tabled my 8 channel relays and got a 4 channel relay, but am still in development.

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out of curiosity, how did you come to that conclusion? Granted 8 is a bit much as theres not that many gates available that you can use for that (i think), but I’m lost when you said:

at least not while maintaining opto-isolation

relays are usually opto isolated whether its 1 or 16 channels. So what has this got to do with your ESP?

If I’m reading this correctly, there’s only 5 pins on these boards that are truly unencumbered. What I mean is that during reboot or startup, there aren’t any internal functions that requires these pins to be set low or high at start in order for the ESP to function properly. I’d bet that there are work arounds, but my Arduino skill level is still basic, but the ESP takes me to a whole new level of newb. That said, for my comfort zone, I’m seeing 5 pins that are truly usable for whatever, so 4 to drive the LED side of the relay module.

I think I mis-spoke when relating to opto-isolation as it is my belief that there is no other way when using an ESP due to pin limits at 3v3. I could be wrong about that too though.

yes you’re right, there are 5 pins safe to use.

Hey, sorry about that. Didn’t think it through, was reading through a ton of other topics to see if I could get an answer. I’ve achieved most of what I had wanted, but I’ve switched around some hardware. I do have questions, but since it is different than the original topic here, I’ll make a new thread.

Thanks for the friendly reminder, though!