Troubles after update to 2.28.9


Screenshot_20210414-191649_One UI Home


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Hi @BlynkAndroidDev, both logs on your way… one selecting my local server, the other one to cloud server.
Let me know if you need something else


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I’m uploading a new version with some crash fixes and app name fix, but I don’t think it will fix your ‘not registered’ error. It looks like both servers return this exact error, and it is not a bug on apps side with the wrong message or smth else.

Does this user exist on your local server? Have you tried to reset password, for example - does the server sends “Password restoration” email?

I suppose it is a result of this app’s name bug with the library (as it sends app name as app identifier to the server) - it should be fixed with the new version. It should be available quite soon.

Yes, it does! Same user for local and cloud accounts

When I click on “Forgot password”, my email is shown and click on “send” a message appears saying “Something went wrong. Please try again later”

Yep, got it, as I wrote above - I suppose it is a result of the video library name override bug. Next build should fix this issue.

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Leaving Beta tester till new update… :wink:

Thanks for your support!

Updated to 2.28.10…

…And GiraffePlayer is still here :pensive: and the same behaviour

Logs sent


Can you check is there an update for you, there have been two 2.28.10 versions - the last one should fix the login issue. I’m investigating why did the app name has not been fixed on your side. I will later try another fix and upload a build.

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Just pushed 2.28.11 so there will be no confusion about several 2.28.10 updates.