Trouble with Dashboard

Has anyone else experienced issues with static tokens, the related QR codes and .csv files?

I wanted to flash and test my devices prior to sending them out the door. I created 18 static auth tokens which also include the QR code. I noticed the following issues:

-in one instance the printed QR code did not match the digital version. The digital version was the correct QR and the physical version was incorrect. This caused a problem during testing as I scanned the printed version. The device of course did not connect to the cloud because I had now scanned an incorrect auth token. Blynk is aware of this issue. I believe they now also recommend disconnecting the device from the cloud before deleting it.

-the QR codes appear in a certain order when they are created in the dashboard. When the .csv file is generated, the QR code is in a random order and does not match the order in the dashboard.


-there is no method given (that I have found anyway) to add my device information so it can be viewed on the static token page in the web dashboard alongside the QR code that is assigned to the particular device. It would be nice if a field was added to allow for this.

I understand that I can create new metadata fields in the template but I believe whatever information you add will be exposed to the end user. It would be nice to have MAC addresses, IMEI, etc. added to the specific device without having to expose it to the end user. Or at least the option to make it visible or not.

In my experience, all of the above issues make it difficult at best to keep track of multiple devices, their unique identifiers (IMEI, Serial Number, etc), auth tokens, QR codes and in my case, 5 sensor MAC addresses (unique to each device).

So, I am curious to hear if anyone else has had these issues and what you did to work around them. Perhaps I have also missed something in the documents and can be pointed in the right direction.

Thank you