"Trouble detected": http://tiny.cc/blynk-bug#flood

Hi, I am using the library with a static IP address and a virtual PIN to send a temperature data I measure with an Arduino Uno board.
Everything is working, but I’m getting this error:

[] “Trouble detected”: http://docs.blynk.cc/#troubleshooting-flood-error

Where N is variable number that changes.

Any idea of it means ?

It would be nice to have some docs with the possible error codes, at least the most common ones.


just follow the link in your message…


Cool! This is a very cool way of notifying errors, although I didn’t think to follow the link…
Anyway, I understood the issue and fixed.

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The link “http://tiny.cc/blynk-bug#flood” does not work…atm

Here is correct link - http://docs.blynk.cc/#troubleshooting-flood-error