Triggering neopixels for badges

So I’ve been looking at all the different platforms to trigger some neopixels reliably and I’ve got to say that Blynk is so far the easiest and best solution I’ve found. I’m doing this interactive performance and the audience is going to wear badges that light up when they accomplish certain tasks. I tried adafruit io and it worked, but not reliably. I was messing around with a bunch of other things and it would just not work. Blynk’s use of virtual pins and bridge is working great. I’m going to setup my offline server soon and I think it’s going to really work well. I’m using generic ESP8266s with a neopixel ring built in. Right now I’m triggering via the app, but once I get some more gear in I’m going to bypass the app and use bridge so I can have a controller with physical buttons to trigger them. Keep up the good work!


Move away from Neopixels library and use FastLED… simplifies and increases performance of the ESP8266.


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FastLED is a great library.

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@Roccod Thanks for feedback! Soon we’ll release a bunch of new cool updates!

I would LOVE to see the result of this. It sounds like a very cool project to do. How big will the audience be? Do you think it would be possible to “write” text on the badges or similar things? That would be freakin’ awesome, but nearly impossible because you probably don’t know where the badges are, right?

Can I follow this project somewhere or is there more info available?

It’s a children’s show in NYC. Only the kids wear the badges. They are esp8266s with a neopixel ring attached. There should be around 25 per audience. I’m not allowed to share details until it opens, but I’ll post more, including pics, when we get closer.

It would be awesome if you could show us the end result. I’m very curious as to what this entails. Looking forward to more!!