Transmitting stored Data

Hello guys,

I am designing a device for the purpose of measuring the degree of fermentation and the temperature of the beer that I began to produce by hand.

I use the Arduino and HC-06 bluetooth module to collect and transmit some of the required parameters.

I can stream the temperature measurements to the mobile application in real time, however, if I move away I lose all the data history. I would like a suggestion from you on how to store the data in the arduino and then get all the history whenever I wish. I collect the temperature of the beer every 15 minutes. The fermentation process takes days and days. My goal is for the application to plot a chart with the entire measurement history, mapped to the day and time it was collected, whenever I connect my cell to the bluetooth module.

Best to switch to a WiFi adapter (ESP-01 will work great) as then the server will store all data and you can use the SuperChart for viewing… from anywhere :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I will consider that too, thx!

I considered bluetooth because I’m brewing my beer in the basement of my house, the wifi signal does not reach there.

You could try to add in a SD card reader to store the data for later viewing on a PC, but you will not get any data to your App or server.

So, aside from a WiFi extender, I can’t think of any other solution using Blynk.

Ethernet through mains power line.
But if possible, use WIFI - at least cheaper than above.

Do you have power or is it battery powered?

You can check it’s an alternative to Tilt Hygrometer.