Transferring ownership of device


One of my friend wants to make a project in his college. And that particular project needs 3 devices in total. But only 2 devices is on offer for a free plan. So he is requesting me to transfer a device to him.

The question here is, once he is done with the project he will no longer be using blynk. So can i claim my device back from him ?

Thank you.

You can’t transfer a device out of your organisation.

You can invite someone into your organisation and give them ownership of a device, but your friend won’t be able to see that device in his own Blynk organisation, it belongs to your organisation and that’s where it stays.

The solution is probably for your friend to pay the Blynk monthly Plus subscription until he no longer needs the third device.


After you said organisation now i am able to understand how things work !!

Yep i had already said this. But it’s hardly a matter of day or two. So he is thinking about subscribing to a plan.

Thank you for making me understand how devices transfer works.