Transfer blynk project


I made a blynk app to remote control a product at our company.
It was just for testing purposes and i build the app using my own private email adress.
I am leaving the company and was curious if i can move the project to the email adress of my collegue.

Gert Jan

Sounds like a commercial use of Blynk.
If that’s the case then the company should sign-up to a paid subscription at and get support needed to transfer project to a corporate account.


Hello Pete,

At this moment it is not for commercial use.
We only have build it for basic controlling of one “prototype” to see what is possible using an ESP8266 for controlling our product.
This prototype is in our company and can only be controlled by me or my collegue.
May be in future they will use it commercial but then we will integrate it in our PCB design.

Gert Jan

Yes, you can do this. First you have from your account, to stop your blynk for the particular application, then touch the “nut” { Project Settings } sumbol, scrool down in the Project Setting page and do Clone. The Clone will have everything your collegue need to “rebuild” your particular application / project at his Blynk with his email registration etc etc. Please note that this action will change the Projects AUTH so it is necessary to refash your hardware with the updated Blynk AUTH.
Doing so, then you can delete this particular application, from your Blynk, this doesn’t affect your coleague installation…