Tracking connection status on superchart?

Is there a way to plot connection status of a device on super-chart? I am thinking some command which the device status widget uses to notify when things loose connection.

I have a fleet of devices, and it would be good to know when things lose connection (battery changes/ troubleshooting etc.). I am thinking the bar chart between 0/1 will be great at this, but got confused while thinking about how to implement it.

I wanna add that I have thought of something like this:

 if( !Blynk.connected() ){
    BlynkVirtual.write(VPIN, 0); // change a virtual pin to 0 instead of 1 when connection is lost

Avoiding sending a 1 to virtual pin all the time when it is connected, and 0 in the loop above; as this ESP is supposed to be on a battery pack.

If there was something which can just do this in a static manner I can use the battery more efficiently.

I imagine the developers can make something for the SuperChart that is tied in with the App’s own device online detection… but as it is more for, as you say, fleet use case, I suspect that will be a Commercial App only upgrade -

We have another widget for those purpose in our plans. At the moment I don’t see easy way to implement this.

why not store into an array ?

Hey @Blynk_Coeur: wanna elaborate? I dont think I have used arrays for something like this ever.

I guess the idea is to not execute a loop constantly. Since Blynk only has IO on pins, and no input to any widgets in form of device status etc - this will need a update from Devs.

@Dmitriy - hope to see it at some point of time, it will be great for monitoring!

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@Blynk_Coeur ??

it’s me

Haha - sorry I have been busy. Just wanted to know what were you proposing in terms of using arrays?