Timer with open time to be set

Hello all,

not sure if there is a workaround for that, but one of my needs is having a “timer start” and “timer stop” with time values to set by the Blynk app user (me) and not preconfigured in the Blynk app.

I mean, is there a way to manually set start and stop times since the needed time interval is not always the same, but changes depending on the day in a non predictable way?

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Until or unless the feature is added you could code a workaround. Perhaps add a couple of buttons to the App for plus and minus time from the default timer start and stop times.

Or use the RTC widget, but I’m not sure that is already implemented for cloud services. I seem to recall reading somewhere that is only available with local server.

@Lichtsignaal RTC doesn’t appear to be available for regular Blynk server (cloud) users.


Actually it’s just not in the App yet :pensive:

Ok so still no way to get the exact time and date to the arduino over the internetz through blynk?

You could use the timer widget, that gives you the time twice a day, more if you add extra widgets.
E.G. Start 1pm end 9pm and code around this with millis().

Maybe not the date, it that important?

@ectoplasma I’m waiting icon from @Pavel for RTC widget and it will be ready :smiley:.

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That is very exciting news, keep us updated would you?

Any update on this important function? For my irrigation controller, to be useful I need to be able to have a user-settable start/end time. Being able to read these settings and time elapsed/to go is likewise critical. Thanks much!

It’s live long time ago :wink:

Pavel, my apology if this is implemented…I can’t seem to find other than development-time setting of the widget in the docs. Can you pls point to me where I can find a doc or an example of user-level (i.e., runtime) setting of the Timer widget? Thanks!

I did something similar but used NTC time sync. Then in Blynk I did an adjusted setting which is time in code to do something. The code is in my post of a Garage Controller.

Northernboy, thanks for the link…great looking project! I’m going to wait for Pavel’s pointer to the updated Timer doc as I’d like to utilize that design element.


You can use it to get time and time your events accoudingly. It’s not connected with Timer widget, but I mean that this functionality exists.

Or you can also use Menu widget (Android only for now)- and create your own choices (hh:mm) for your own timer.

Dear Pavel,
I know this is a message from few months ago, but I somehow has a difficulties to find the doc (also on the forum) thats showing how to change the Timer value (time) from sketch, could you give some example?


It’s not possible at the moment

Thanks for prompt reply, Could you elaborate more on this?

@noersaleh take a look at this thread Virtual pins definition