Timer Widget start and end time

I am working with Blynk and ESP8266
Can I change the start time andend time and timezone of blynk timer widget in the arduino code? I found nothing in the documentation of Blynk

One of the examples in the documentation links to this sketch:

Line 58 shows how to do it:

  Blynk.virtualWrite(V1, startAt, stopAt, tz);


Thanks for reply, but I’m talking about timer widget not time input widget, the timer input sends high and low at start and end times not only sending the time to ESP8266

The Timer widget doesn’t have a time zone option, either via the app or through code - which is why I assumed you were talking about the Time Input widget.


But what about start and end time? Is there is a way to change them via the code?

No, you can’t set start and end time of Timer widget from code.