Timer widget settings disappearing from android app for version upgrade 2.27.6 under tiles

@BlynkAndroidDev with the new upgrade the time widget under a tile settings are disappearing. I set them and after a while they revert to blank. If I unload and reload the app they revert to blank. If I set up a time widget for the same device/pin on a screen not under a tile then all is OK.

Another tile synch issue?

Can you have a look please.


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Thanks, we will check it on our side.

Can you send the logs from your device using beta build?

Time Input or Timer widget?

Hi. The widget where you enter start and stop times. Its so repeatable that I’m sure you can recreate it. If not let me know and I’ll share my project with you.

By the way the latest upgrade set all my widgets to null for those widgets under tiles and when I added a new widget to the project (not under a tile just a tab to test the time widget issue) then once again all the widgets were set to null under tiles. It seems like this problem I have reported a number of times still has not been fully fixed.

Both Time Input and Timer widget has support for the start and stop times, I’ve reproduced smth similar for Time Input widget, but had not reproduced it for Timer one.

About the null issue - it is happening when you are opening tile in the project in ‘run’ state?

I’ve uploaded new beta and prod builds (still as 2.27.6) with a fix to time input bug with it’s value being cleared - can you check it when it will be available to download?

OK. Will do.

The issue of all widgets being set to null is so random I can’t recreate it in a repeatable fashion.

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But does it happen in the run state?

The last upgrade yesterday fixed the issue of the time input widget always being reset to null. It now maintains the start and stop time settings. Thanks.

As to the ongoing issue of all my widgets under tiles being reset to null it does seem to be related to going into the configuration state of the app and creating a new widget either under a tile or just a normal screen. All the widgets are set to null when I return from configuration to run state. I can’t set a situation that always creates the issue and I don’t want to try as when it bombs it takes me some time to reinput the data. I think I will just have to let sleeping dogs lie. Thanks.

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