Timer widget (only suitable for simple timer events)

Hi guys, i’m asking a question about Timer widget:
I need to have only start event one time per day. In this case VirtualPin(ex V10) change from 0 to 1 at time start.
I need to write from Arduino side this VirtualPin (V10) back to 0 and arm Timer widget for next event.
I try Blynk.virtualWrite (V10, 0) but it don’t work in this case.
Reset this variable from app with stop time, give me annother trigger and give me annother problem.
There is a way to use Blynk.virtualWrite for reset this V10?

@antgue did you read the docs?


Yes, i mean Timer widget, not Time Input.
I need to reset Virtualpin come from Timer, by Arduino side without insert “stop time” in widget

I don’ think you have to have a stop timer in the Timer.
Have you considered Eventor with Timer for ON time?

Yes, i consider it but is not right in my case.
If there is not possibility to reset Virtualpin (from arduino side) coming from timer, i’ll have to create some timers only for start, some only for stop and another for start/stop.
This timers have to change some outputs pin but without to force it, only to turnoff or turnon (function and / or) but have opportunity to change this pins also from another events

That would defeat the simple purpose of the Timer.

Different time Widgets for different purposes… no sense in trying to cram that square peg into the triangular hole.

Best to use a different solution like the aforementioned Eventor or TimeInput if you want a finer level of control.

Thanks a lot, i’ll try this your solution