Timer Widget not saving set changes in Blynk ver.2.27.1

I use ESP 8266 for control switch.
Android ver. 6.0
Blynk ver 2.27.1 not work with switch timer.
Please help me.


whats it not doing? share the code you are using.

do you mean time input widgets ?

Yes,the problem occurs when I change time.
time changes don’t work.

in the previous version there was no problem when I changed the time.

I can confirm there is a problem with the Timer Widget not saving any changes in latest Android Beta version of App. I have sent a Log report from my phone.

In my case I am running Local Server 0.41.2 and Library 0.6.0 in the affected project.

@septyo thanks for the report. Should be fixed now.

I have just updated to Java11, Local Server 0.41.4 and am running Beta App 2.27.3 (16.03.2019 14:19:55) and I still cannot save the changed time in the Timer Widget to anything different then what it is currently stuck on.

EDIT - I just removed and reinstalled the timer Widget so I can “reset” my needed time… “time” :wink: will tell if it allows further changes.

I am not sure if this is related but. I have noticed that the time can not be set correctly on any of my current projects with or without Blynk.

Using my old code the time is random and the day is November 1 2023. If I don’t set the time / date it starts as the Unix starting date. Jan 1 1970

I hope this helps.