Timer vs Time Widget. Time widget can accept values with virtual write - can the timer widget?

With the time widget I can poke values in using the virtual write command and get the values back using param[0] etc

Is there a way of doing the same with the timer widget per chance?

Using virtual write as per the time widget is not giving me what i require

It would help if you referred to the widgets by their correct names, then we’d be able to follow your question better.

I don’t believe that you can set start/stop times if the Timer widget from code.

Are you saying that the more sophisticated Time Input widget isn’t giving the functionality you require?
If that’s the case then I’d guess you aren’t using it correctly.


Hi Pete. The always there person.

The “Timer” widget is the one in the list under vertical slider. Does it go by another name?

The “Time Input” (I called it “Time” in my question) widget is the one in the list under the Table widget. It is giving me the correct functionality from code. And it’s working OK for me.

I was just wondering if the Timer widget had the same coding functionality as the Time Input widget. Had I missed something?

Your answer has confirmed what I had tried to experiment with. No, one can’t program the Timer Widget. :slight_smile: