Timer issues with server 0.41.5

Since updating to local server 0.41.5, I’ve noticed that some of my timers do not trigger. Unfortunately this seems very inconsistent.

I have three devices in device tiles, all of which have two timer widgets that set V1 or V2 to 0 or 1. There has been no config changes since upgrading from 0.41.2 local server. I’m going to roll back to 0.41.4 to see if that helps.

The server is running on Ubuntu server 18.10 with OpenJDK 11.0.2 and I can’t see anything out of the usual in the logs.

hi - i am also on 0.41.5 and noticed a few occasions where a timer should have triggered a function, but it did not.

but I thought maybe my code needed a review (it is changing of the seasons here, so my winter code is back in play and it hasn’t been tweaked since 2018)…

i will take a closer look now that you have mentioned this…

My code hasn’t changed but I’m in the same boat as you. I’m noticing that triggers don’t turn on but most of them turn off.

0.41.4 seems to have the same problem.

Problems persist with 0.41.4. I’ve rolled back to 0.41.2.

@Costas, any idea what could be causing this?

@ThatGuy_ZA if 0.41.2 is ok and 0.41.4 isn’t it strongly suggests a bug has been introduced.

try to add this to your setup.

// "Sacrificial" Timer - needed when deleting timers as that will kill first timer created...
  timer.setTimeout(10L, []() {
  });  // END sacrificial Function

@Blynk_Coeur does that apply to the Timer widget being referred to here or just Simple (Blynk) timer function calls?

oh sorry !
it’s for simple timer not for widget timer :blush:

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Sorry for the confusion, I’m walking about the in app timer widget.

0.41.2 seems to be working with all of my timers so between 0.41.3 and 0.41.4, a bug might have been introduced.

My timers are within device tiles so that could have something to do with it.

Let me know if you want any of my logs.

I can confirm that 0.41.2 is fine and 0.41.4 and up don’t consistently trigger timers within device tiles.

Thanks for the report. I did look trough the all changes I did since 0.41.2 to 0.41.4 but don’t see anything even close related to the Timers.

Do you have other widget on those pins?
Could you please remove and add those timer widgets again?