Timer interrupts on the Particle photon and Blynk Communication via Bluetooth problem



No, I have not introduced any code after it was running smoothly. I was in the middle of investigating how to implement the sleep mode code when everything just stopped working, on its own :disappointed:.


This BT/BLE aspect is seemingly still in beta and has always seemed a bit flaky. What it’s development status is or will be is not widely known.

Blynk is really meant as IoT and that generally means WiFi over other connection methods. Switch to an ESP8266 and you will probably have less frustration.


But i have not had an any issue with this before, aside from finding the correct code to connect Blynk to my Microcontroller. I will not be able to change the micro-controller at this stage in my design. I will have to either try to down grade from Blynk or wait until the bug fixes for this version are available, which i hope is very soon :disappointed:.


An update after further testing.
I implemented a button on the Blynk app to see if i could switch an LED on and off connected to my photon. Strangely enough, the blynk app seems to connect via Bluetooth more frequently with the button implemented and i am able to switch the LED ‘on’ and ‘off’ with no problems. So communication from the app to the microcontroller is working fine. I used the following lines of code, with my button set to switch

BLYNK_WRITE(V11) //Button Widget is writing to pin V11
int pinData = param.asInt();
digitalWrite(D7, HIGH);
digitalWrite(D7, LOW);

Since this structure worked, i also tried sending information to the blynk app using a similar structure. I changed the widget V0 to a frequency of 1 second and used the following code:

Blynk.virtualWrite(0, Temperature);

But still the values on the widget does not update at all.

For the time being i will use the Bluetooth classic HC 05 module since everything is working fine with the HC 05, until Blynk sorts out BLE on its side.


I have used Blynk for years and I don’t think I have ever used BLYNK_READ.


Neither have i until now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .I am just trying everything i can to get my system working


Steer well clear of read.


Okay thank you, will do.


@Costas @Gunner @BlynkAndroidDev

Another issue related to bluetooth. I would like to send push notifications and email notifications over blynk. I would like to highlight the fact that the email and notification widgets are not grayed out, unlike other widgets that are not supported by bluetooth, implying that blynk does support these two functions over bluetooth. I used a simple example to test this functionality: Whenever a button was pressed an email must be sent saying so. Whenever one of my sensors are connected or disconnected it must send a push notification saying so. However when ever these events occur no email notification or push notification is sent, instead i get a message at the bottom of the Blynk screen saying “You need to update the app. It’s outdated” inspite of the fact that i am running the latest blynk app on the playstore. I then switched to a wifi blynk connection and adjusted my code slightly for the wifi connection and everything is working great. It seems this is another issue with bluetooth. Is there any update to be release in the very near future to resolve this?



It was suggested to me to join the blynk 2.27.2 beta as this new version has better support for BLE. How do i get access to this beta version of blynk?


From Google Play. Scroll through Blynk App page until you see the “Join the beta” option




I have tested my connection with Blynk using Blynk beta 2.27.2 and my BLE connectivity has been restored! Thank you everyone for the assistance, advice and help.