Timer flexibility

Timer is good but needs either to be far more flexible or an alternative provided. Until the App is running, you can’t send things to it. So when the App runs, the first thing you might want to do is send of a request for status updates. I can’t see a way to do that. Also, for example I have a gauge checking remote battery voltage. I don’t want to create un-necessary traffic by sending off voltage readings when no-one is looking.

So a timer that runs when the page is live - let’s say sending off a request every second or so… the end device could then respond with voltage readings. Right now I have to use a button to request voltage readings. They go to Node-Red, which does a request and the gauge is updated. This should happen merely by having the app page active. Can’t see any way to do this.

So a similar timer may offer “at a fixed time” - or “Every X seconds” with a tick box to send as the page loads.

i ve had to stop using the timer because of another issue: if somehow blynk losses connectivity during the timer being active, it doesn’t stop anymore, because the start stop are server driven. happend a couple of times and had irrigation running for a lot longer than it should of.

i would of also found useful the ability to set days not just time to start (eg: monday, wednesday and saturday)

i think if you use a value display with a refresh interval of 59seconds let s say, it will just fetch the data once every 59 seconds, only when the blynk app is active and project running. i also think when the app loads and you have a value display that s set for periodic updates, it tries to fetch the value immediately (which, btw, would usually cause my esps to loose connection to server in case of more than 2-3 gauges)

And you don’t. Widget timings are only works when app is active. (Except Timer Widget that works even if app is closed and dashboard is activated). It was exactly designed to see what is happens on hardware at the moment.