Timer/Calendar widget

Hey, just dropping an idea here. What about integrating a Clock/Timer with a 7 days schedule. For projet like automatic pet feeder or automated garden.

These are easy projets and a good way for beginners to start building real and useful projets




Hey PeOO123,

We already implemented basic Timer widget. It is very simple for now, in future we will add more complex configurations like “7 days schedule”.

Can’t wait to start prototyping and playing with Blynk!

Thank you

possibility of the sync time between the controller board and the Phone, using the time from the Iphone or the android Phone.


We already planned RTC widget for that.

If you have something like Arduino Yun or RPi its actually trivial to implement sort of RTC. On yun you can use bridge library to run command on wrt that will return current date and time on RPi it’s the same. Later by storing this as global var you can easily program time and date based execution of certain tasks. I actually have a programmer for my garden that works pretty much like this only downside for now is that I can’t program specific days of the week however there is also way around this😄

    //Global variables    
    Process date;                 // process used to get the date
    int hours;
    int minutes;

      void updateTime() {
          if (!date.running())  {
        //if there's a result from the date process, parse it:
        while (date.available()>0) {
        // get the result of the date process (should be hh:mm):
        String timeString = date.readString();    
        // find the colons:
        int firstColon = timeString.indexOf(":");
        // get the substrings for hour, minute:
        String hourString = timeString.substring(0, firstColon); 
        String minString = timeString.substring(firstColon+1);
        // convert to ints
        hours = hourString.toInt();
        minutes = minString.toInt();

You can now use RTC widget, in the latest library and App