Time Inputs NewBlynk

I did that because I got another error when building out the system, I thought because there was too much data to the Blynk server and that was spammed.

I went back to the beginning. Disabled the flow and imported yours again, but I still get this error:

I would think it cannot be the code, as the problems occurred after rebooting the RPI.
I also tried to startup the RPI again, but the problem remains.

You already know that won’t work, because you need to modify the code to match the virtual pins that YOU are using.

I’ve asked you several times In my last few replies to provide info about the BLYNK side of your setup, and what widgets you have attached to what datastreams, but you’ve not done this.

The flow works like this…

When the flow is deployed the sync at startup inject node triggers a synchronisation of each of the virtual pins you specify in the nodes attached to it.

This causes each of the associated Blynk event nodes to be triggered, which each feed in to the Store Timer Values function node one at a time. This node writes the corresponding time input widget values into the flow contextdata for that virtual pin.

If no data is being stored in the flow context data then the sync isn’t being triggered.
If some pins are being stored, but not others then they probably means you don’t have a time input widget attached to the virtual pin number that you tried to sync, or you have a mismatch between the pins being synched, the pins used in the event nodes feeding into the Store Timer Values function or the pins that have time input widgets attached to them in Blynk.

Once the data is stored in the flow context data for all of the pins then the Process Timers function, which is triggered once every second, checks every pin that is specified in line 1 of the function to see if that timer should be on or off.

If the pins you’re synchronising, and the pins you have specified in the event nodes and in line 1of the Process Timers don’t match each other, and don’t match the datastreams that you have time input widgets attached to in Blynk, then you’ll get an error.

So, without data about what you have set-up in Blynk, what modifications you’ve made to my original code to match your virtual pins, and what is showing in the flow context data after a deployment and refresh, I can’t guide you towards a solution.


You are right, I think it had to do with the SyncAll pins.

I built it up again and changed the SyncAll for Sync individual pins and the error message stays away now and hopefully forever.

You can use “sync all”, but it only works for virtual pins that have the “Sync with latest server value every time device connects to the cloud” option enabled…

This is disabled by default, so the concept of “sync all” is misleading, it’s really a “sync all that have this option enabled” command.