Time Input Widget & Dashboard

I noticed that although the time input widget has been brought back and it shows up on the phone app in the web dashboard there is no widget for it yet. Is there going to be one? if not how do you control the time input from the dashboard?

Also adding to the topic above I have tried to use the time input widget but can’t get it to work. You can’t tie it to a datastream and in the app when you highlight the days and time on time off nothing happens. I have used the exact same code as you would with the old blynk. How do you use the time input widget in the new blynk?

The data type needs to be String.

Was your previous code for the Timer widget or the Time Input widget?
The Time Input widget sends an array of fields that tell you the start and end times in seconds after midnight, the days of the week that are selected, timezone etc. More info here:


Previous code was for time input. It was taken from an example posted by gunner I think can’t remember. But anyway will try a string data type tomorrow. Thanks

String data works. Thanks.

We have no plans to add Time Input to the web. Our uber goal is to fully replace TimeInput with Automations. And at some point automation will be added to the web as well.