Time Input widget cross devices sync problem?

Dear Dmitriy,
I observed something regarding Time Input widget.
When I change the widget data from my 1st Android phone ( ex change the start / stop hour ) this change(s) does not get updated to my 2nd Android phone.
Please check and let me know for possible solution…

I running latest Android app 1.15.2 & library 0.3.9


That suggests the data is held in the app which makes sense to me.

yes but it is extremely unconvenient in case that more than one devices are involved… Is there any software (from WeMos) way to force sync the devices ???

@mikekgr I checked my systems and the Android’s do sync if you stop and restart the projects.

This feature is not implemented (in realtime).

@mikekgr it depends on what your application is for the TimeInput widget but Blynk can help with the sync.

Not ideal but your project can send PUSH, email and SMS messages to related parties when one party makes a change to the data. The other parties then know that they need to refresh their system. As I say not ideal as one benefit of TimeInput is that it allows you to do time scheduling without stopping the project, which is somewhat negated with the sync.

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